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VirtuReal specialises in the development of Translocative and Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality simulations, for tactical and weapons training within defence and first responder organisations.

Our Translocative Virtual Reality system, comprised of an array of cutting-edge hardware interfaces, enables users to freely move about within, interact with, and receive feedback from environments set on a far larger scale than the room or building in which they are physically present, all without moving from where they began in the real world.

This system, coupled with its tailored software simulations and analytical toolkit for after action review, allows dismounted personnel to become immersed within large scale networked interoperable virtual training environments wherever they may be, directly at the point of need.

TrVR is scalable from single unit installations focused on individual skills based training, through to multiple units supporting large scale networked team training scenarios, complete with analytics and after action review capabilities.

VirtuReal also offers Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality solutions for room and warehouse scale environments when additional physicality between personnel and objects in their locale is desired - such as with a physical mockups of vehicles and other mounted or deployable assets.

For other commercial and entertainment soultions Please visit our sister organisations OCE VR and IOland VR.



Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

+61 436 384 507

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